Prayer Requests

We so appreciate your prayers!

Please pray:

– Rohingya Church Plant:  Please pray that God will continue to guide us and open doors to establish relationships and have favor among the Rohingya and the neighborhoods in which we will be working.

– Rohingya Sewing Center:  Please pray that the sewing center we are opening in the Rohingya Camp will provide fertile ground for us to meet many women and families. That our sewing center will provide good training and establish opportunities for these women to learn sewing and business skills that provide financial resources for their families and community.

– Indian Family:  Please pray for our Indian Family who are moving to Nepal to work and live among the Rohingya; that they will adjust and flourish in this new culture.

– Indian Leaders and their Jamaats:  Please pray that God will continue to bless, protect, multiply, and deepen them in His Word and grow them in Christ.

– Sewing Centers:  Please pray for our existing sewing centers and the women and families we serve.   That their lives will be enriched with the practical skills we are teaching and forever with the knowledge of Christ, His love and His Gospel.

– Provision:  Please pray for our continued provision.

– Please pray for all of us and all our followers of Christ that we will obey and yearn to know Him more deeply.